Popular with beach lovers, Topsail Island entices corporate employees and families for a relaxing weekend. This 26-mile barrier island is also a haven for sea turtles. The small coastal community intrigues water sport enthusiasts to appreciate and enjoy the warm aquatic waters combined with pleasant temperatures.

Where to Surf?

Surfing is best experienced where the waves are consistent. Get your gear, board and other surfing equipment, stay close to one of the piers and enjoy the sport. The Atlantic Pier to the north, the Topsail Beach Pier at the southern end, etc. are to name a few popular surfing spots on the island. There is another popular surfing destination thronged by people all year round – the Surf City Pier. This place is so crowded that people who delight in solitude would head to the Point, the surfing place where Bogue Sounds meets the vast sea.

Surfing Conditions:

It has been reported that the surfing conditions here vary tremendously. It is advised to check wave conditions before making your way to the surfing locations in the ocean. Surfing conditions can also be checked on many surf shops in the area or on the local websites. You can directly get in touch with them over the phone and get pertinent information. Moreover, local radio stations also provide surf reports and weather updates from time to time. Keep a watch. If the time is not conducive or ideal for surfing, don’t just hit the waves. Stay indoors and enjoy all the amenities that your Topsail Island house rental has to offer.

Learn Skills at Surf Schools:

What if you don’t know how to surf? Before you feel bad and think of returning, give a second thought. The good thing for all novice surfers is that Topsail Island has many surfing schools to provide handy surfing lessons. All you need to do is to enroll in one surfing school, learn the skills or get assisted by the trainer to conquer the waves. Surf camps are also organized by the surfing institutions where participants are taken to various surfing destinations. Private lessons are also offered. Sign up for one if you just need to hone your skills.

Get Your Surf Board:

Surf shops are ready to help you get the best surf equipment. Roll your eyes till you find what fits and suits you the most. To name some of the surf shops near the surfing locations are 50 South Surf Shop, Spinnaker Surf Shop and Surf City Surf Shop.